Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Family Affairs Specialist help me?

A Family Affairs Specialist focuses solely on helping people organize and understand their affairs. Once our 7 Step System is completed, your family will be protected.

What’s the difference between an Estate Attorney and a Family Affairs Specialist?

An Estate Attorney provides legal documents, which are one of the components of your affairs. A Family Affairs Specialist integrates all the components of your affairs so you can understand them.

What’s the big deal about my getting my affairs in order?

Your affairs are what speak for you after you’re gone. What will yours say to those you love most?

Why should I start now?

It costs less to be proactive. Why wait until you’re too sick or too old? Let’s get it done now, so you can start enjoying life and stop worrying about the “what ifs”.

Remember, the Best Gift is Your Last Gift.

What steps do I take to get started?

Contact Dawn to begin her 7 Step System.

Call Dawn now at (815) 355-1650.