Dawn’s 7-Step System to Protect Those You Love Most

Do You Know What’s in Your Drawers? Seeing that question, you might tuck your hands into your pockets, clear your throat, and answer, “Well, my assets.” And you might be partly right. But are you sure you have all of your assets in your drawers? Do you wonder if your drawers are in order? Don’t get caught with your pants down! Instead, join the engaging Family Affairs Specialist Dawn Pruchniak, for her humorous and easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement steps to assemble your own Best Gift.

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About the Book

The Best Gift is Your Last Gift

• Find All Your Assets
• Verify Your Beneficiaries (the easiest planning mistake to make with the biggest unintended consequences)
• Be Confident You Understand Your Wills, Trusts, and POAs
• Everything You Need to Get Your Stuff in Order

This is likely to be the smartest, funniest, and most valuable assistance on planning ahead that you’ll ever experience. When you turn the last page, you can be confident your family—and your family relationships—will be protected when a live guy becomes a dead guy.

Remember, The Best Gift is Your Last Gift!

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About the Author

dawn pruchniak

Dawn Pruchniak began her private practice in 2012 after the sudden and completely unexpected loss of her husband at 54 years of age, while her triplets were seniors in high school. She was thrust into getting all her affairs in order, and had no idea how much work was ahead of her and how much more difficult it made the grieving process.


Dawn quickly realized there were too many things she wasn’t living ready for. She learned the hard way that the best time to know what you have, what it means and what you need is before a major life event happens. At a conservative estimate, it took 300 hours to get her affairs in order.


Since then, she and her team have been helping others like her –people just like you – to avoid the same risks she once faced. Her personal experience has given her a mission to help people Live Ready. A background in Engineering and Sales is the foundation for her systematic and personal approach to helping people re-address their affairs.  Her experience helps you avoid common pitfalls that can damage and even destroy relationships.


Dawn helps you to enjoy life and stop worrying about the “what ifs”. You can live with confidence that those you love most will be protected when the unexpected happens.


Remember, The Best Gift is Your Last Gift.